Happy Birthday, Catherine!

The birthday quilt

Seven years and two days ago (give or take), I was sitting in a restaurant in Minneapolis with J.P. At that time, I lived in Minneapolis and he lived in New Jersey, and we’d only been dating for a few months. It was Sunday afternoon and we were grabbing a bite to eat before I dropped him off at the airport. My cell phone rang. It was my sister, and she was in labor.

J.P. and I quickly finished up and paid, and I dropped him off a few hours early so I could get to Character Builder’s house to watch my nephew while the new baby was being born. Now this next part is a little fuzzy—I don’t remember exactly what happened, but bottom line is that CB was in labor for two days, and by the time Catherine was born on Tuesday, I was at a client site in Tulsa. (I don’t think I was on a drinking binge or anything—I just don’t remember what happened.)

Six years and two days ago (give or take), Catherine was about a year old, and J.P. and I were preparing for our wedding. She’s always been a girl who knows what she likes, and she did NOT like J.P.! If he walked into a room, she’d start to cry. And forget about him trying to hold her! But now? She couldn’t care less about me. She’s J.P.’s girl.

The birthday girl

Happy birthday, Catherine! We love you!

I hope the quilt picture doesn’t get me into trouble. Character Builder and her family moved a few months ago, and I’m not sure whether they’ve dug the birthday quilt out of its box yet. This pic could trigger the birthday girl’s memory, and the begging to find it may commence.


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