Photo Fun

A week or two ago, Karen wrote about the 26 Things site. It’s a photographic scavenger hunt, and challenges you to take pictures of each of the 26 things on the list. If you want to take pictures and need something for inspiration, this is a good place to start. Karen has some really cool shots on her photo blog.

Tonight I was reading through the D70 group on Flickr, and someone mentioned a photography competition on a site called DP Challenge. It looks like there are competitions with different themes going on all the time. For example, some current/recent topics have included: playtime, yellow, and hands. Varying degrees of editing are permissible, and wow—there are some really great shots.

The part of the site I like best is the Learn section. People show the setup they used to achieve their shots, and there are also tutorials for a wide variety of topics. I’m amazed at what some people will do to set up a shot, and also at how simple it can be. It really shows that you don’t need fancy equipment to get a good result. Very cool!


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