So you know I haven’t died


Yep, I’m still here—the birthday didn’t kill me. I’m just trying to play catch-up from goofing off all day Friday and then spending ALL DAMN DAY at the anniversary party on Saturday. It was nice, but the duration of a 50th anniversary party should not approach the duration of the marriage. I may blog more about it later if I find some time.

I have lots going on right now, and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed on the volunteer front. But I mainly have my procrastinatative (Shut up! I’m tired, okay?) nature to blame. Palm Sunday and Easter deadlines are looming at church, and I have much music-making to do this week. Things should ease up in the next few weeks, right? Right?

I leave you with a pic of J.P. in action. My photography assignment this week was to capture motion. I really like the way his yellow and blue cancer-fighting bracelets show up as streaks (you may need to go to Flickr and view it larger to see them).

Demonstrating motion for photography class


One Response to “So you know I haven’t died”

  1. sureshg Says:

    What colors! I am just fascinatd by your first photo! Great shot! thanks for sharing!

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