The Easter bunny, he was here

After the hunt

Okay, so the rabbit wasn’t actually here—I hid 72 eggs around the yard. A dozen for each of the kids who was here today. Here are two of J.P.’s nephews counting their loot. To ensure that even the little kids would have a shot at finding some eggs, we color-coded them—that’s why things are lookin’ a little monochromatic.

J.P. and I had to be at church by 6:30, so the morning got off to an early start. We sang and I played at both the 7:00 and 9:00 services. Then we headed home to prepare Easter dinner for 15. Yes, 15! Thank God for sunny weather. And neighbors’ ovens. We had to bake the rolls next door because we ran out of room in our oven.

We spent yesterday spiffing up the yard—mowing, trimming, power-washing the deck, and potting flowers for the deck. We put the patio furniture out, and we’re ready for summer! And naps, apparently. As I write this, J.P. sleeps at one end of the couch, his mom sleeps at the other (they’re both sitting up and look terribly uncomfortable), and Mags is crashed next to me on the loveseat.

Speaking of crashing . . . I have seven more minutes of Desperate Housewives to watch, and then it’s off to bed. I have to rest up for our vacation later this week. Happy Easter!


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