Have you ever wondered . . .

. . . what bokeh is? If you’re like me, probably not. Because I’d never heard of it until last Tuesday. But now that I know, I notice it in every photo I look at.

I’m learning lots of great stuff on a new (it really is new, not just new to me) site I discovered called Photodoto. If you’ve every used one of fd‘s Flickr Toys, you’ve come in contact with John Watson’s work, even if you didn’t know he was the guy behind it. And he’s the guy behind Photodoto too. I subscribed to the RSS feed the first time I visited, and I’ve learned a lot about photography concepts in the last two weeks. He’s running a contest until May 5, and there are some sweet prizes—a digital camera, a 1-gig CompactFlash card, and a one year Flickr membership. Check it out!

Think I should submit this one for the New Beginnings contest?



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