Pup & Stuff Portrait Friday #16

Stuff Portrait Friday, sponsored by Kristine

It’s J.P.’s golf night, so I’m taking the opportunity to get an early start on my SPF post. SPF is run by Kristine, and the rules are different each week. This week’s photos include:

  • A body of water
  • Something with flavor
  • Plant your ass (where you park it)

And of course, I always add a fourth picture of the pup. Because I’ve taken about seven billion pictures of her—I might as well use them for something!

First up, a body of water:

Body of water

Yep, this one’s all about the dog too, but it wasn’t my first idea. You know how when you’re lying down in the bathtub, and the divot that is your belly button collects a pool of water? Yeah, that’s what I thought of shooting initially, but I decided not to subject the internet to pictures of my naked belly.

Next, something with flavor:

Something with flavor

My employer sells these Click Clack mints in our employee convenience store. In Minneapolis. A thousand miles away. I’m addicted to them. They’re tiny, but they’re stronger than Altoids, and not as sweet. When one of my co-workers went to HQ a few months ago, I asked her to pick some up for me. She came back with five tins. Score!

And now, where I plant my ass:

Notice the pillow to support my back, the tablet PC, and my TiVo remote. These three things are critical components of comfort on the couch. And speaking of the couch . . . yes, I know that’s a lot of flowers. The pattern looked so much different on that 3-inch swatch of fabric at the store. But I don’t hate it—the cotton fabric is really soft and comfortable, and it does a great job of hiding stains. Like the spill that occurred when Maggie leapt onto the lap of a guest when she was holding a full cup of hot coffee.

And finally, the pup:


The photo session with J. last weekend included some indoor shots too. Mags played the stand-in role while I set up my makeshift studio. As you can see, it was exhausting work.


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