Weekend Recap

I’m writing this post while watching Grey’s Anatomy. This show is stressing me out tonight! Izzy’s stupid moves, and then none of the others would stand up to her and do the right thing. Now they’re all in trouble! But the show wouldn’t continue without them, so they’ll get out of it somehow, right? I’m guessing we won’t know the answer by the time the show ends 90 minutes from now—we’ll be waiting until the new season premier sometime in September. So I might as well get on with my thrilling post . . . .

For the last three days, the weather here has been quite bizarre. Rain, sun, clouds, sun, rain, sun, rain, clouds, rain. Lovely. Sometimes. Other times, not so much.

Since it was Mother’s Day weekend, J.P.’s mom was here. We went to dinner Saturday night at Texas Roadhouse, which is one of her favorite restaurants. Like mother, like son!

Then we stopped here:

Saturday night excitement

I wasn’t looking for anything, which of course means I bought stuff. I think it’s a rule or something when you go into Target. But I got a good deal! Four window panels for our bedroom for $7.50 each! Full price was $29.99, and I got all four of them for about that much so I couldn’t resist. Now hopefully they’ll be long enough.

Sunday morning after church, J.P. made us breakfast:

Mother's Day breakfast

He always makes mine with the Canadian bacon on the side. Why would you want to waste all that good hollandaise on it? I save mine to mix in with my hash browns. Mmmmm . . . .

We did a little shopping in the afternoon, and stopped here to refuel on the way home:

All spring outings end here

Yes, this is the same picture I used back in this post. (Coincidentally, that post has the same title as this one.) I anticipate featuring it many times during the coming months. I think Freud would blame my parents for my DQ obsession. See, when I was a toddler they would take me there every night if I had a successful day of potty training. Hmm . . . I wonder now . . . reward for me, or excuse for them?

J.P. wrapped up the weekend by mowing the lawn:

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t take pictures of him mowing the lawn, but the Photodoto weekend assignment was on capturing motion with panning. This was the perfect opportunity.

And that’s about it! Pretty exciting stuff, huh?

Are you kidding me?!? The four interns are sticking together about who cut the line? And so nobody’s getting fired (yet)? I like this show and all, but come on . . . .


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