How do you think she’s feeling now?

Waiting for Dad

So I think the vet was wrong. Maggie’s sudden lethargy was due to a back or leg injury, not a stomach bug. We haven’t been back to the vet, but we’ve been giving her baby aspirin to help her feel better. And it’s working—she’s been playing, running, and just being her usual silly self—mostly. She still kind of gimps up and down the stairs, and she’s hesitant to jump on the furniture. I’ve been helping her with that—wouldn’t want her to reinjure herself, you know.

Tonight I helped her into the car. The pics above were taken while waited in the parking lot for J.P. I love how you can see the different expressions on her face, depending on what she was looking at. Here’s one of the things she saw:


We had buy-one-get-one-free coupons that we got from joining the Blizzard Fan Club. You can get one too if you click the link.

We weren’t the only ones who benefited from the coupon.

Worth the wait


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