By request


This certainly isn’t the best picture of Maggie I’ve ever taken. But Kranki has been asking about her. And a certain pink-cloaked blogger has requested that I post something to push his photo down the page. Since I’m all about making people happy (okay, maybe not exactly), here’s a new post.

Ms. Maggie is doing well. I haven’t taken many pictures of her lately, but that could all change soon. I got my new 50mm lens in the mail today, AND I don’t have to go back to work until next Wednesday. Woohoo! A five-day weekend followed by a two-day week!

So what do I have planned for the long weekend? Let’s see . . . tomorrow night we’re seeing the new Superman movie in IMAX 3-D. J.P. is very excited. Me? I’m just along for the ride. On Saturday, we’re going to see the traveling Broadway production of The Lion King. Now that one I’m excited about!

Then the rest of my plans involve music. Our trio (flute/clarinet/piano) is playing a bunch of patriotic music at church on Sunday morning, and then on the evening of the Fourth, the community band is playing at Longwood Gardens. I’m hoping for nice weather on Tuesday so we can go early and I can take some pics. Because I’m sure there have been lots of changes since last year.


One Response to “By request”

  1. sureshg Says:

    Cute and nice photo! I feel like coming to back to your blog again and again to visit Maggie. Hope you don’t mind!.

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