So glad we’re fuddy-duddies

Not from the Fourth of July

I’m sure you’ll be seeing pictures like this all over the blog world tomorrow. Good thing I had this one in reserve (from the Strawberry Festival back in June), because J.P. and I decided to forego (forgo?) the fireworks tonight.

I had to play in a concert at Longwood Gardens tonight, and didn’t finish until about 8:45. We considered going to some nearby fireworks, but we’d been gone since about 4:00 and Maggie hadn’t been fed or gone outside. Plus, I was starving and it’s a school night.

So we decided to come straight home. And boy, am I glad we did. Around 10:00 (prime fireworks time), I thought I heard something outside. So I muted the TV, and sure enough—it was raining like crazy. As I write this, the satellite dish is out because it’s storming, and the rain is coming down in buckets.

Thank God we weren’t racing for the car in a thunderstorm. Instead, we’re comfortable and dry at home. For once, being boring pays off!


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