The big meeting

So the highlight of our trip—dinner with Suzie and the Hubs—occurred on Thursday night.

J.P. and I rose early that day to attend our conference’s closing event. Then we packed up and checked out of the super-nice Westin resort to move down the road to a Marriott. The four hours of sleep I’d gotten on Wednesday night just weren’t cutting it, and I decided to take a little nap before getting ready for dinner.

I laid down and asked J.P. to wake me around 4:55 or so. We wanted to leave by 5:15 to get to the restaurant by 6:00. “No problem,” he said as he worked on his blog post.

I opened my eyes at 5:07. Crap! I got up and rushed around to get ready. We grabbed the camera and headed to the car. The 37-minute drive was uneventful, and I called Suzie to assure her that we were not, in fact, blowing them off—we would just be a few minutes late.

We arrived in the cute little beach town and found some on-street parking. As J.P. was plugging the meter, I looked down at the camera that had been in my lap for the entire trip. The camera’s data card can hold about 577 pictures, and I was curious to see how many photos I could take at this auspicious occasion. The display said -E-. Do you know what this means?


Okay, I’m not going to leave you hanging like that. Well actually, I am for a while. J.P. and I are sitting out a rainstorm in a Panera, and I have a really crappy internet connection. I’ll finish the story when I can get better access.


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