Florida Fun

So here’s one of the pictures that I took when we met Suzie and the Hubs. You may remember from yesterday’s post that when we showed up to meet them, I didn’t have the data card for my camera.

J.P. had taken the card out of the camera so he could post the photo seen here, and he forgot to put it back in. And at that point, I hadn’t taught him my trick for remembering the card. However, as we walked from the car to the restaurant, he got a quick lesson in leaving the camera’s data card door open when the card isn’t present—that way, you have a clear reminder so you don’t get to a really important event and find yourself unable to take pictures. *Ahem.*

To say the least, I wasn’t very happy. But I had about a half block to get over it, because I didn’t want it to ruin our evening. And I didn’t want their first impression to be us arguing. Wouldn’t that have been fun for them?

When I told one of my co-workers about our plans to meet, he was sure we’d get there to find a couple of 14-year-old boys, but I’m happy to report that they looked exactly as we expected.

Suzie & The Hubs

So by now, you’ve probably figured out that somehow I got a data card for the camera. After we’d had a chance to say hello and have a drink, J.P. went out to move the car from the metered spot we’d initially chosen to the restaurant’s off-street parking. And along the way, he made a detour. He managed to find an office supply store, buy a new card, park the car, and return to the restaurant within about a 15-minute time period.

Once the camera fiasco was settled, we had a great time. It really was like getting together with friends we’d known for a long time. Suzie mentioned that she’s shy, but I never would’ve believed it. Of course, it probably helped that my sister emailed her ahead of time with some stupid stories about me. (No, we are not going to tell those stories here!)

The Hubs was very patient with our weird blogger talk, and neither of them commented on the fact that J.P. and I showed up in matching shirts (I chose my outfit first, I swear!). In short, we had a great time. I wish we lived closer so we could get together more often!

P.S. William, I’m sorry to say that all the kissing occurred before we had a card for the camera, so we weren’t able to capture it. I know you’re disappointed, but we’ll be in Orlando next summer. If Suzie happens to be there too, maybe you can catch the live show.


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