Your wish is my command

Spooky old tree

I’ve driven by this tree for years, and every time I think, “I’ve gotta take a picture of that.” I just think it’s so cool looking. I’d love to get closer to it, but there’s a fence that prevents it. I think I might have to go back with the telephoto lens sometime. It reminds me of when Character Builder‘s son Alex was little guy, and he was afraid of the Berenstain Bears story The Spooky Old Tree.

And now to your requests from my last post . . . . Cherie thought I should take a shot looking down at something. Normally you don’t see our shutters lying on the ground, but J.P. risked life and limb to remove them from the house on Sunday. I’m in the midst of painting them, and here you see some that have been primed (lighter) and others that have been painted (darker). It’s not the most exciting photo, but I liked the way the lines were distorted. (I suppose that’s the purpose of the fisheye, huh?)

For Cherie

William suggested that I take pictures at the airport. What, William, you want me to get arrested? But I aim to please, so I took a shot of one of J.P.‘s transformers. Partial credit?

For William

Suzie, I tried to get to SF today to see you and the Golden Gate, but with all the airport delays my plan didn’t work out. But I’m sure you’ll forget all about me when you get to the beach this weekend.

A couple people suggested pictures of animals. Maggie decided she would cooperate tonight, and I was able to get this shot:

Big nose

And finally, OddMix asked for a picture of J.P. How’s this one, John? Does it qualify for “frazzle” on the WWC list this week?


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