Over & Out

Well, my last post has moved from “withering” on the vine to outright dead. I’ve been busy trying to wrap things up before we leave on vacation tomorrow, and consequently the blog has been neglected.

I’m still getting used to the MacBook. Mostly it’s good, but I seem to have trouble with some of the keys. Especially the G, and sometimes the T—they just aren’t quite responsive enough, and soon I’ll be writing like Ricky Ricardo: “I’ve been busy tryin to wrap thins up.” (My proofreading skills have a tendency to decline after 1:00 AM.)

Hey, speaking of the Mac and 1:00 AM . . . does anyone know how to adjust Blogger’s timestamp on a Mac? On this computer, I don’t have the Compose tab and the HTML tab—everything’s HTML. I can deal with that, but I also don’t have the date/timestamp info at the bottom of the page.

J.P., Maggie, and I are taking a road trip to MN. We had great intentions of getting the car all packed tonight, but I haven’t even started packing my suitcase yet. And I think we’ll have more electronics than clothes. Between the camera, two or three laptops, the GPS, iPod, and cell phones, the cigarette lighter power plugs will be at a premium. We even bought an adapter so we can plug in the laptop during the trip. Now if only we could get satellite internet, I’d be all set (J.P. will likely do most of the driving).

We don’t have any big plans for our time in Minnesota. We’ll go to the state fair, of course. If you don’t know much about it, you really should go and read J.P.‘s recent post. Besides all the food, walking around with 100,000 other Minnesotans makes for some interesting people watching.

But at 1:40 AM, about the only thing I’m interested in watching is the back of my eyelids. I’m sure I’ll be posting at least a few times from the road (I know, I know . . . you can hardly wait). Until then, Sharkey out!


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