Pass the Pepto

State Fair Foods

Today’s diet (in order of consumption) included:

  1. A corn dog.
  2. Southwest chorizo egg burrito from Tejas.
  3. Ribs from Famous Dave’s.
  4. Chocolate chip cookies from Sweet Martha’s.
  5. Milk to go with the cookies.
  6. Cheese curds . . . of course!
  7. Hotdish (that’s casserole, if you live outside the Midwest) on a stick with cream of mushroom dipping sauce.
  8. Famous Dave’s ribs . . . again.
  9. Deep-fried Snickers bar.

Dashababy commented the other day when I referenced Ricky Ricardo in my post, so I thought of her when I saw this crop art today:

Ricky crop art

The portrait is made entirely of seeds, which is why it’s called crop art. I’m amazed by how much detail and subtle shading it has. And here’s a bonus pic for you Lucy fans:

Lucy crop art


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