Lensbaby Leaf

We’re still at my mom’s house, and tonight I was working on my computer when Frank (my stepdad) wanted me to see some photos he’d taken this summer. He was using his laptop about ten feet behind me. Do you think I got up and walked over to his fancy new (HUGE!) flat panel monitor? Oh no . . . he emailed them to me.


11 Responses to “Epitome”

  1. Allisone Says:

    Hey, my husband and I IM each other when we are sitting across the desk from each other. That way “little ears” can’t hear what we are saying 🙂

  2. Karen Says:

    Haha, I thought it was bad that we IM each other because I’m on the second floor and my husband is in the basement.

  3. Suzie Says:

    Um, what’s wrong with that? The Hubs and my desk are maybe 4 feet apart at work, we email each other too 🙂

  4. undercovermutha Says:

    Frank sounds like my kind of guy.

  5. Lola Says:

    Yeah, GG and I IM each other from adjoining rooms.

  6. CircusKelli Says:

    LOL – That’s so funny! Sometimes I email Hubby in his office downstairs (from the kitchen) to tell him dinner is ready. 🙂

    That is a beautiful photo of the leaf, by the way.

  7. mainlinemom Says:

    I emailed my husband a picture from another room once in order to pull his attention away from his blog/football game and get him to come to bed. It worked.

  8. eclectic Says:

    OMG, I’m such a dinosaur. At the office, my husband and I are both sitting at computers, with phones that have intercom capability, but if we need to ask or say something, we just yell unless there’s a client conference going on. And at home, we only have the one internet-connected computer. So we have to talk there, too. We’re going to be the branch of human development that goes extinct, aren’t we? *sigh* Our poor offspring.

  9. amy Says:

    Wow, he and my husband should get together. They can make a plan to never have to actually talk to another human face to face again, lol.

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