So I realized this week that I have two appointments scheduled for Friday afternoon. One is with my oncologist for a regular visit. The other is with my hairstylist for highlights and a cut.

Which appointment do you suppose I rescheduled?


10 Responses to “Priorities”

  1. Von Krankipantzen Says:

    Well, I am betting it was the onc. Hair before cancer.

  2. oddmix Says:

    Hey, you’ve got to have your priorities.

    I love the new digs. And your photography is really stunning.

  3. CircusKelli Says:

    I’m going with the oncologist getting rescheduled. 🙂

  4. Karen Says:

    Hmm, should I check Flickr Saturday morning for a photo of your new ‘do? 😉

  5. undercovermutha Says:

    If it were a bikini wax, maybe, but the hair needs pampering.

  6. eclectic Says:

    That’s not even a real question, is it?? Sheesh, the oncologist will get you in, no problem, but you might have to wait weeks for your stylist to have an open block of time like that!!

  7. Suzie Says:

    YAY! Pictures of your hair please 🙂

  8. Mir Says:

    Well, you know, if it was just a cut, my answer might be different. But highlights? Screw the onc. 😉

  9. dashababy Says:

    This is too easy. We are almost on the same hair schedule, mine is next week.

  10. Susie Says:

    This makes me smile. It means you feel fine, and know you’re fine, and that’s wonderful. I might even print out your last hair pic and take it to my stylist. It’s so CUTE. I’m starting, no, not starting, I look sick as well as feeling that way. The looking sick, maybe I can do more about.
    And yes, we do want to see your new hair, too, even if it’s the same as before.

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