An Early Christmas Present?

So you may have been a little surprised when you saw my page load today. This is quite the switch from the dark brown template, wouldn’t you say? For the moment I’m liking this one better. The only thing it doesn’t have is a customizable header. BUT! It’s bright enough and wide enough, and gosh darn it, people like it! (You do like it, right?) And also, the comments link is at the bottom of the post. Hooray!

That’s it. My early Christmas present. From WordPress to me, and from me to you. Hope you’re not disappointed. I know some people had trouble reading against the dark background, me included. So let’s see where this takes us, shall we? Same old drivel, now with a bright new look!

I’m going to be fashionably late to Susie‘s cookie exchange party. I really want to join the fun, but just ran out of time tonight. There’s a recipe for Sea-Salted Smoky Almond Chocolate Bark that I’ve been wanting to try. It sounds kind of weird, I know. The site says it’s a “treat for the more sophisticated palate.” Um . . . yeah, that’s me. And if it’s really disgusting? I also bought some butterscotch chips so I can make oatmeal scotchies. Not exactly Christmasy, but mmmmmm . . . don’t they sound good?

Perhaps I could’ve made the almond bark—and probably the cookies too—in the time it took me to update my site and write this post.

10 Responses to “An Early Christmas Present?”

  1. William Says:

    I like Bright. Seriously. It makes it easier to rea.

  2. Character Builder Says:

    I was very surprised! I thought I had clicked on the wrong link! I like it too. Actually, I didn’t have trouble reading on the black background on your site, but I have had trouble on other sites. Not sure why.

  3. Karen Says:

    Works for me. But then so did the other ones. As long as you’re still here. 😉

  4. Susie Says:

    I like it. I do have trouble reading on dark backgrounds, because of the OLD thing. You wanna know how sophisticated my palate is? I just had one of LG’s Handi-snaks crackers with fake cheese, for lunch. And I liked it.

    Oh, and I like comments at the bottom, too. It doesn’t take much to confuse me. Comments at the top often confuse me.

  5. soozieq Says:

    The new digs look GREAT Sharkey! I love the clean, calm, non-cluttered look of it. I also love the wide center column.

  6. Cherie Says:


  7. Von Krankipantzen Says:

    I like the new look. It is bright and cheery and easy on the eyes. Like you!

  8. mainlinemom Says:

    I like bright and THANK GOODNESS the comment link is on the bottom now. Whew.

  9. eclectic Says:

    It’s sharkier this way. Oatmeal scotchies are my kids’ favorite! Unless I’m making something else, then whatever I’m making is their favorite…

  10. Ortizzle Says:

    Hi Sharkey! I’m new here, just saw your comment on my blog, so I thought I would stop over. Can’t really say if this is an improvement, since I don’t know what the previous version looked like, but I would love to know if you also had WordPress before, and if it works well for you, and if it is possible to customize headers with them, etc. My blog, as you have seen, is a dark background, and I am thinking of changing several things, not the least of which is getting rid of Blogspot, which is causing all sorts of problems.

    Anyway, I like your new look, regardless of what the old one was like. I’ll be back…

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