The party’s over . . .


. . . and I couldn’t be happier. The last of our house guests left this morning, and we’ve reclaimed our home. I cannot believe how much chaos, mayhem, and dust seven people can generate. As I mentioned earlier, the first family of five (plus two labradors) arrived late Saturday afternoon. J.P. had prepared chili in the crock pot, and he was shocked by the sheer volume of food consumed by three teenage boys.

Sunday involved two church services, house prep, and food prep. Our next-door neighbors and some other friends joined us for Christmas Eve dinner of lasagna. It was yummy, and it provided the first opportunity this year to use my Lenox Holiday dishes.


We didn’t register for wedding china when we got married, but if this had been in the stores during that time of year we probably would’ve. Even though I can really only use it for a short time every year, I really love it. And it probably gets nearly as much use as any china, right? Do you use yours more than once or twice a year? I didn’t think so.

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah—Christmas. We were given a brief respite on Christmas Day when our guests drove to NJ to visit my sister-in-law’s family. We took the opportunity to dust and vacuum yet again, and then we spent the day relaxing and playing sports games on the Wii. I never even got dressed. It was HEAVEN.

The masses arrived on Tuesday, and we feasted on Japanese food . . . chow mein, ginger chicken, Japanese beef, rice, and sushi. With Auntie J.J.’s cookies for dessert.

Yesterday was nutty with all those people in our house (the house that seemed so big when we bought it). There was much Wii-ing and board- and card-gaming. And of course, more food—leftovers this time.

We all heaved a big sigh of relief when the first family left yesterday afternoon and we were back to having “only” six house guests. Their departure cut our guest list in half, and the rest of us went out to dinner last night at J.P.’s favorite restaurant.

Maggie’s still recovering—she’s curled up on the couch as I write this. We’re still recovering too. From the gift that keeps on giving—we seem to have picked up colds from our guests. Merry Christmas.