I am in trouble

I hate to waste things. I can’t stand to throw away a perfectly good magazine, even though I’ve already read it. So we stack them on the coffee table until the pile is in danger of toppling over. Then we move it to the butler’s pantry, and eventually I take everything to the doctor’s office so patients in the waiting room can read six-month-old issues of Philadelphia Magazine instead of three-year-old issues of Numismatic News.

Every night, J.P. turns on the shower while he brushes his teeth. Because it seems to take FOREVER for our water to get hot, I’m fine with it running down the drain for a minute or two. But if the water is already hot because the dishwasher is running, or because I’ve already run enough to warm it up? It drives me crazy!

When I was in college, my roommates teased me because I washed and reused Ziploc bags. We weren’t exactly rolling in money, but I didn’t do it because of the cost. If a big heavy-duty gallon-sized bag only held a sleeve of crackers or something else that was already wrapped before it went in the bag, why wouldn’t I reuse it? (Note: I would never reuse a bag that had held raw meat, something that had gotten moldy, or anything that was sticky, gooey, or messy.)

When J.P. started buying Oscar Mayer Ready to Serve bacon, he’d put it in a Ziploc bag after he’d opened it (inside its little plastic tub thingy). Then when the bacon was gone, he’d throw the bag away. What a waste! So we labeled the bag, and now we put it back in the drawer to wait until the next time we need it.

Mmmm . . . bacon

::Mrtl-style tangent #1::
Yes, we eat the ready-to-serve bacon. No, we’re not particularly proud of that fact. However, it’s a heck of a lot easier than cooking real bacon, and there’s a lot less packaging than the Hormel microwave version.
::end Mrtl-style tangent #1::

::Mrtl-style tangent #2::
Would you believe that Oscar Meyer Mayer/Kraft Foods doesn’t own the oscarmeyer.com domain?

Update: It seems Kraft does own the Oscar Mayer domain. But Oscar Meyer? Never heard of him.
::Mrtl-style tangent #2::

Now that you know how the Bacon Bag works, you can understand why I was simultaneously horrified and delighted to open the drawer yesterday and find this:

Do we really need one of these?

You see, J.P. also buys the pre-made NestlΓ© chocolate chip cookie dough. Be still my jiggling ass.


19 Responses to “I am in trouble”

  1. Karen Says:

    Okay, that is funny. You’ve trained him well. πŸ˜‰

    I’ll reuse a bag a couple of times for non-food items. I’m sort of leery doing it with food (though I sometimes will). My sister’s job requires her to do a lot of food testing, and once you hear a few of her horror stories and become familiar with how she runs her kitchen at home, it’s easy to start worrying about all the nasties you might be inadvertently harbouring. 😦

  2. soozieq Says:

    Finally….you out do me on the Freak Meter πŸ˜‰

    I guess that’s one thing I am definitely not (frugal). I could stand to be more frugal, that’s for sure. But I’m not going to start using paper towels and then drying them out to reuse or anything like that.

  3. blueszz Says:

    This post made me laugh. Nothing wrong with reusing bags. I reuse several items, fi little containers that contained butter before. They are *made* for freezing home made soup etc πŸ™‚
    Thanks for getting a smile on my face today!

  4. kalki Says:

    My aunt does this – reuses plastic bags. She washes them with the dishes and then has a rack she hangs them on to dry. Like you, it’s not a money thing: They live on a farm and are just ingrained not to waste ANYTHING.

  5. Ortizzle Says:

    I used to recycle the ziploc bags. But I got lazy about washing them, and also worried about germ accumulation. So I just bought a huge supply of plastic containers in all sorts of sizes (like Tupperware, but thinner and richer, ha, ha,) and completely transparent, including the lids, so you can always see what’s in ’em. Everything that isn’t stored in a dish with plastic film on it (food leftovers from the table)goes in those. They fit nicely in the dishwasher. So I don’t feel guilty about not recycling the ziploc bags.

    Bottom line: I’m just too damn lazy to wash ’em, label ’em, and wonder how many times I’ve used ’em, etc. I admire your perseverance!

  6. tysgirl Says:

    Bacon & Cookie Dough? Can I live with you guys?

  7. CircusKelli Says:

    Oooo! Sharkey! Does it work with you tell your ass to stop jiggling? That never works for me when my ass is jiggling…

  8. william Says:

    I am amazed at the saving of bags. Seriously truly amazed.

  9. Cherie Says:

    Umm I’m a bag reuser. With the same caveat… i reuse when the initial contents doesn’t have an ick factor. I’ll even go a step further. When I take my lunch to work and I need to wrap a sandwich or pretzels or carrots or something that I take a from a larger bag. I obsess over what I will use to hold those items. Hmm plastic wrap or ziploc, what about waxed paper?

  10. undercovermutha Says:

    I was wondering about those pictures on Flickr. My mom saved and washed Ziplocs. I was determined not to grow up to be just like her so therefore, I do not reuse my Ziplocs. I buy generic.

  11. Von Krankipantzen Says:

    I totally thought of you today as I made a small pan of brownies and instead of putting them on a plate or using a plastic wrap I just slipped the whole pan into a ziploc bag. Perfect fit.

    I also wash and re-use bags. But being vegetarian I don’t really have any icky stuff to store. It is just usually dry goods. I cannot stand the thought of all those plastic bags in the landfill.

  12. eclectic Says:

    Baggies are for sandwiches and bread items as far as food goes, although non-food items like batteries from Costco, etc., get bagged too. Everything else (food-wise) gets its own Gladware or Ziploc disposable tupperware-ish container. Most of the fresh vegetables and stuff we buy comes in resealable bags already, so I leave them there and toss ’em when empty.

  13. amanda sue Says:

    “bestill my jiggling ass”

    HA. you made me snort!

  14. mainlinemom Says:

    I save nothing. Absolutely nothing. No bags. No magazines. And cookie dough does not last long enough to be saved!!

  15. Von Krankipantzen Says:

    BTW-that bag I used for the brownies? Washed and back in the drawer ready to be used again. πŸ™‚

  16. Redhead Mommy Says:

    My mom washes and reuses the Saran Wrap brand shower caps to put over food. I am too lazy for that much forethought. But, I always admire those of you who have it.

  17. stepping over the junk Says:

    this is so funny! there is something I have seen that you put by your sink and it is like all these sticks sticking up like a tree and it is for drying washed bags…you wash them and stick them on the sticks upside down to dry properly. I swear. I think Bed Bath and Beyond might have it. I am an avid bag washer if it doesnt require something to cut grease at least. And no raw meat.

  18. Melanie Says:

    My mom does this… I on the other hand don’t, but should. A little way to save plastic and the Earth???

  19. dorjex Says:

    how can there ever be left over bacon? it should always be finished once opened and the cap thrown away like a bottle of whiskey.

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