Would you believe I don’t know exactly how this happened? I got up around 4 AM to go to the bathroom. I *think* I took a step away from the bed and my knee buckled, but I can’t say for sure because I don’t think I was fully awake until I hit the floor.

I just sat there, stunned, for a minute or two. Maggie crawled out of her crate to make sure I was okay. J.P. must’ve heard the commotion, and he got up saying, “Did you fall out of bed?” No! I did not fall out of bed!

I limped to the bathroom and took care of business. Then I got back into bed and was asleep within minutes.

No alcohol was involved in this incident. Pinky swear.


14 Responses to “Ouch!”

  1. soozieq Says:

    “Did you fall out of bed?”

    Man if I had a nickel for every time the Hubs has asked me that question!! Heh.

    That looks mighty painful Ms. Sharkey. Hopefully you don’t have to go anywhere that requires fancy shoes for awhile!

  2. Character Builder Says:

    I guess that’s what you get for having “the knees of an 80-year-old.”

  3. amanda sue Says:

    sharkey! you have pretty feet!

    or at least one pretty foot. i have never seen the other one.

  4. Von Krankipantzen Says:


    Yeah, I agree. You have very pretty feet.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Karen Says:

    So, did anyone in your life ever run up to you and gaspingly say, “You have perfect toes!” (because you do, you know).

    Which makes the “ouch” all the more painful.

  6. Ortizzle Says:

    What tiny little toes. And what a big bruise. Hope it’s all better or getting that way!

  7. tysgirl Says:

    Yikes, that looks painful. Hope your piggy feels better soon!

  8. shari Says:

    Silly. We don’t buy that story for a minute. I mean, it may have happened in bed, but we know you were doing some sort of athletic, gymnastic feat with JP when he accidentally stepped on your toe. 😉

  9. Traci Says:

    Geez! I hate it when that happens!

    p.s. you have skinny toes.

  10. Ern Says:

    That is FUNNY! Excuse me while I laugh near your pain. But “did you fall out of bed?” is priceless!

  11. christie Says:

    I do that sort of crap all the time….

  12. soozieq Says:

    Miss you. Wanted to let you two know that.

    I just updated and referenced our Florida trip last year. Dang. I wish you guys were going to be there again.

    On another note, I know this weekend is going to be a TON of fun for you guys. Wish we could be there. SERIOUSLY wish we could be there 😉

  13. William Says:

    Hi Sharkey….Pinky Toe Swear?

  14. Susie Says:

    Thinking of you, party girl 🙂 Hope you’re feeling ridiculously happy, loved, blessed.

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