I did it! I survived! No, no . . . not that five year thing. I survived the re-birthday party we had on Saturday to celebrate the five year thing. I think we had about 55 people total, and thanks to your suggestions I think everyone had a good time.

The celebration actually started on Wednesday, when my co-workers sent me a video (link removed) that they’d made. It was so cool!

My mom arrived on Thursday, and we were able to have some fun in the midst of the party prep chaos. Shoe shopping and pedicures were involved, and my broken toe (which I stubbed again on Saturday) is now painted a lovely shade of pink. It’s a nice complement to the purple bruise.

Friends from Chicago arrived on Friday, and we met them and some other mutual friends for dinner on Friday night. Then we all came back to our place for dessert, games, and waaaaayy too much Ninja Warrior. They must’ve been having a marathon this weekend, because that show was on EVERY time we turned on the TV. And it’s oh-so-easy to get sucked into it.

Oh, so you want to hear about the PARTY! Let’s see . . .

. . . everyone wore pink—even the die-hards who swore they never would were seen shopping for pink attire. We served grown-up kid food as Lola suggested. Except some of it definitely leaned more toward the kid side, despite what I had discussed with the caterer. Oh well! There was a TON of food left over. Can I interest you in some macaroni and cheese? How about a mini cheeseburger or a coconut chicken tender?


We decorated the tables with sand pails, pinwheels, and cheap favors from the party store. I loved the crazy straws, but they were so narrow that I almost passed out trying to drink my beer throuh one. (Just to be clear, the photo above was taken while we were decorating—we actually did have guests.)

My best friend from high school drove up from North Carolina with her husband, and they stayed with our other good friend who now lives 40 minutes from me (quite a feat when you consider that we grew up 1000 miles from here, and she lived on the West Coast for several years during and after college). They put together an embarrassing little slide show of old photos, and then they presented me with lovely pink treasures that they’d found at the dollar store. Something tells me they had as much fun shopping as they had at the party. They even bought themselves some pink shoes to wear.

Love the black socks

J.P. made us a playlist, and the iPod/SoundDock cranked out the tunes. Too bad we couldn’t convince anyone to dance. Party poopers! But we did have some other activities. There was a putting game, and we also had an inflatable ring toss game that was fun even though I sucked at it.

But probably the best activity was the photo booth that we created. The MacBook has a program that’s kind of like a fun house mirror—you can set it up to distort what the onboard camera sees. And after you’ve had a few drinks (or even if you haven’t), it’s hilarious.

I have lots of pics posted to Flickr, but you have to be on my Friends & Family list to see them. Send me a Flickrmail if you want access, and I’ll add you. Here’s a collage of some of the Photo Booth pics. Enjoy!

Yes, these are my friends


14 Responses to “Five!”

  1. oddmix Says:

    Yay, you made it! And it’s great about the whole no more cancer thing, too.

    Actually, it looks like a very good time was had by all.

  2. Karen Says:

    Oh, doesn’t everyone in the collage look just lovely?! The party sounds like it was a lot of fun, and I’m so glad you have reason to celebrate.

  3. William Says:

    The photo booth thing looks awesome. Congrats on the party.

  4. CircusKelli Says:

    Congrats on making it five years, Sharkey! That’s quite an accomplishment! YAY!

    Is there any cake left?? Ice cream?

  5. Von Krankipantzen Says:

    That video from your co-workers was SOOOO AWESOME! And the party sounded like a blast. So many good ideas with the photobooth and such. My pink pic that I promised you will be posted today.

    Horaaay for you and JP! What a fantastic celebration.

  6. soozieq Says:

    That was pretty cool of your co-workers to put that video together for you. Um, but….I was a little offended to see that J.P. had his hand on your BUTT in the last picture!!! Heh. I crack myself up with my fake offendedness 😉

    I wanted to be there so bad and if I had, I would have danced….after about 15 drinks of course. Probably best that we couldn’t make it, huh?

    Anyway, congrats and I’m glad you survived the party. Whoot-wooo!

  7. Ortizzle Says:

    Hooray for your 5th! And the fifth that got drunk by many, from the looks of it; that photo booth is the coolest ever. Here’s to staying In the Pink! (Maybe you should change your blog template to pink…)

  8. mrtl Says:

    Happy fifth! woooooo!

  9. undercovermutha Says:

    The men in the video wore pink! Congratulations, woman. If you lived, maybe 500 miles closer, I would have loved to come.

    Much love and hugs.

  10. Amy Says:

    Oh honey! So fun! Happy 5th to you, dear Sharkey.

  11. shari Says:

    I can’t see the pictures, stupid flickr!!! It isn’t posting them anywhere right now. *sheesh* I’ll stop by later — maybe it will be in a better mood then. Anyway, glad the party went off well, and even happier that you’re officially over 5 now. 😉

  12. kalki Says:

    Sounds like a fabulous party! And here’s to your fabulous five!

  13. Mainline Mom Says:

    Congrats girl! I’m coming to your 10 year party 🙂

  14. little sister Says:

    Congratulations on your 5th! Looks like the party was great! I might go buy some pink attire in your honor. 🙂

    (btw, I found you via vonkrankipantzen.)

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