Home Office

Home Office

This sure beats the kitchen table! Mags joined me for lunch, and I had to snap a few photos of her. This is about the only one where her eyes are fully open. She does not like the camera/lens.

Mellow Maggie


9 Responses to “Home Office”

  1. SoozieQ Says:

    Whatcha drinking?

    Mags looks so pretty 🙂

    You have the BEST office *evah*

  2. Karen Says:

    Do you find it hard to see the screen? That was always my problem taking the computer outside.

    Lovely photos! But how could you go wrong with Maggie!

    How do you keep your table so clean? Is it brand new? (Of course, not using it as a makeshift potting table probably helps, and Maggie probably keeps the birds away.)

  3. shari Says:

    Maggie!! What a pretty girl! Takes after her mommy, eh?

  4. CircusKelli Says:

    Some day I’m going to have a killer home office like that…

  5. Ortizzle Says:

    Very posh, that office. And the photo of Maggie is superb! I love the short depth of field with her face in sharp focus and the rest of her blurred.

  6. kimpossible Says:

    This is a fantastic shot. I think kid1 will want a copy of this.

  7. tysgirl Says:

    Your office is way cool. We’re going to be building a “home office” aka deck real soon. I can’t wait!

  8. Von Krankipantzen Says:

    Now that is my kind of cubicle!

    Yoshi always squints when I take photos of her too. Blinded by the flash too often, I guess. Maggie looks so sweet and furrrrrry.

  9. undercovermutha Says:

    That is the cutest picture of Mags. I tell you, you have some serious pet photog skillz.

    You should pursue it.

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