Work? What’s that?

I know you’ll be shocked to learn this, but you may not be hearing much from me in the next month or so. You see, J.P. has decided that a vacation is in order. As of Friday, my husband is officially unemployed. For two weeks. During that time, we will:

  • Spend four days at Disney World.
  • Drive to North Carolina for a graduation.
  • Drive to Pittsburgh, get up two hours before the butt-crack of dawn, and follow men with sticks around the golf course at the U.S. Open.

Did I mention that I’ll also be working as much as I can in between all these activities? Someone has to, you know! I’ll be glad when he starts the new job so life can get back to normal.

Except that I’m not sure what this “new normal” will be. J.P. and I met at work—we’ve never not worked for the same company. What will we talk about at dinner?!? I don’t really think it will be a problem, but it will be different. He’ll actually be going into the office every day instead of working from home. It’s going to be a real switch to go from working in his jammies to wearing a shirt and tie every day. A tie—imagine!

After the excitement dies down and I’m back at work for a week, I get to be on jury duty for a few days at the end of June. Except that I’m really really hoping I don’t get called, because my work team (which is spread out all over the country) is having a two-day meeting that week. I only see these people face-to-face once a year, and that’s if we’re lucky and there’s money in the budget. So do you have any ideas what I should say when they ask me questions to determine whether I’ll be a fit juror?

Okay, so now we’re pretty much into July, right? Character Builder and her family are coming for a visit that first week. We’re going to spend a few days in D.C. before we head back here for . . . well, I don’t exactly know, but it’ll be fun I’m sure.

Then it’s back into the office for another week of work before taking a business trip to Orlando for our annual customer conference. That’s another weird thing about J.P. having a new job—for the first time, he won’t be going with me. And sadly, it’s the week after Suzie and Hubs will be in Florida.

Do you really want to know what happens next? Would you believe it if I told you we’re taking another vacation? Yep, it’s the one I told you about back in February, which was only about three posts ago. We’re going to the Outer Banks with J.P.’s family. And that pretty much takes care of July.

See you in August!*

*I do hope to get in a few posts before then.


8 Responses to “Work? What’s that?”

  1. Suzie Says:

    Excuse me? You’re going to be around even less than NEVER? Fantastic. I was *this* close to telling the Hubs that we had to take a week off AFTER our Annual Franchise Meeting so that we could see you again this year.

    I do hope you take lots of pictures of your travels….just don’t let J.P. download photos and then leave the memory card in the reader, mmmkay? 😉

  2. shari Says:

    Um… you can’t. Thank you for your interest in being absent from your blog, but your application to be here even less is DENIED.

  3. Ortizzle Says:

    Happy Travels, dear. But you must get in a post or two. C’mon, there’s Internet everywhere. :-))

  4. Karen Says:

    J.P. convinced you to go to Disney World and it hasn’t even been five years since the last trip?! Wow.

    Looks like you are both in for some big adjustments over the summer. Good luck, enjoy, and try to get a few posts in, okay?

  5. kalki Says:

    Just say something about how you don’t believe in man’s law, only God’s law. Either that or swear you’re related to the defendant.

    Enjoy your time off!!

  6. Lori Says:

    Could you get your jury duty postponed? Sometimes they let you do that. Becky had jury duty about a month ago. She might have some insight. Will you be in MN at all? State Fair?

  7. UCM Says:

    If I were you, I would tell them, “There are pictures of my boobies on the Internets.”

    That should do the trick.

    Have fun, my dear. I wish I could be there to share in the fun. Cause I’m not having much fun right now.

  8. Von Krankipantzen Says:

    I’d say have a restful summer but I don’t think there will be a lot of sitting around for you guys.

    Hell, I’d play the cancer card to get out of jury duty. Mention doc appointments and memory/concentration issues from chemo brain. Cancer has got to be good for something.

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