Three trips down, three to go

Worn out

This is how I felt last night. After work on Wednesday, we drove 4+ hours to Pittsburgh. We got to bed after 1:00 AM, and got up the next same morning at 4:45. Then we drove 30 minutes, waited in line for the metal detectors, and waited some more for a school bus that would take us to the U.S. Open.

I don’t follow professional golf closely, but because I live in the same house as J.P. I do know a lot of the players’ names and faces. So it was kind of cool to see them up close in their natural habitat. We saw Tiger and Phil and Villegas (pronounced Va-JAY-gas, but I usually refer to him as Vajayjay when I’m talking to J.P.), and some awesome golf shots. Even though I’m not a golfer, I do appreciate the good shots.

After our day of sun and wind, and after our dinner of barbecued ribs, I could hardly keep my eyes open. We got back to the hotel around 8:00, and I was asleep by a little after 9. I think the last time I was asleep before dark, I was probably about eight years old.

I can’t say I’ve ever thought of Pittsburgh as a vacation destination, but we took some time to explore it before heading home today and I was impressed. Maybe it helped to have low expectations, but we had trouble deciding which activities we should do. We ended up taking the Monongahela incline from the river up to the bluff above, where we had gorgeous views of the city. It seems like it would be a touristy thing, and there were several tourists on it. But was originally built for commuters and is run by the Port Authority. Here we are waiting for our return trip:


We don’t always wear matching clothes, but as Suzie pointed out (click the photo above and read her comment), it’s not exactly uncommon.

After our incline trip, we wanted to go to the Three Rivers Arts Festival. We had seen some information about it in the touristy mall, so I asked a clerk where it was. She said, “Oh, I think it’s Donn and Donn Tonn.” At least that’s what I thought she said, but I had no idea what (who?) Donn and Donn Tonn were, so I asked for clarification. She said it again, and I repeated it to try and get some clarification. Then she said, “Yes, DonnTonn, near 9th and Market.” Ohhhhh!! DOWNTOWN! I thought maybe she was foreign, but everything else she said was in unaccented English. And people say Minnesotans have accents!

So the art festival, it was good. No purchases and no photos, but I did get a freshly-made corn dog, and it may be the only one I get this year because I don’t think we’ll be in Minnesota during the State Fair.

I know it’s probably considered sacrilege for me to say this, but I think this trip was better than Disney World. And the best part? We still have two days of weekend before we have to go back to work!


19 Responses to “Three trips down, three to go”

  1. Ern Says:

    Sometimes those little, short, low expectation trips can end up being the best memories.

  2. Allisone Says:

    Personally, I call Vajayjay – poolboy. Check out some pics of him from last year. I’m a Sergio Garcia fan myself – too bad he’s having a bad weekend. Glad you guys are having fun, in a couple of years the open will be at Merion. At least that’s closer to home.

  3. Sharkey Says:

    Yeah, Sergio was definitely having a rough time (no pun intended)–did he even make the cut?

    Merion is closer, but not until something like 2012? Bethpage is sooner and it’s within driving distance, so we may be making a trip to New York. I think I’m going to start saving my pennies now.

  4. soozieq Says:

    Is “Vajayjay” the same guy as that “Spiderman” dude?

    Glad you had a good time!

    Ok, I get the “donn tonn” (downtown) part of this sentence:

    “Oh, I think it’s Donn and Donn Tonn.”

    But what is the first “Donn” supposed to mean? “Down and downtown” doesn’t make sense (to me, at least). You people talk funny out that way 😉

  5. Sharkey Says:

    Hey, what’s with the “you people” remark?!? Don’t count me among those who say ‘wuder’ instead of ‘water.’ I think she said “Down in downtown,” but I heard it as ‘and.’

    Yes, Vajayjay=Spiderman. Click the link to see pics and read J.P.’s post about him.

  6. Ortizzle Says:

    Sounds like a fun trip, Sharkey. By the way… I’ll give you “Vajayjay” for a fun pronunciation, but the REAL way to say this guy’s full name, Camilo Villegas is:
    Cah-MEE-low vee-YAY-gahss

    Although the middle syllable does have variants like “JAY” if the speaker is from, say, Argentina. But, what the hell, I am about to give up on sportscasters who pronounce, for example, “Sergio” as “SIR-gee-oh” instead of “SAIR-hee-oh.”

    And of other accents: I love donn-tonn. Imagine you want to go to a Chinese restaurant downtown. You could go donn-tonn to get won-ton. 🙂

  7. Sharkey Says:

    What do you expect–I took four years of German! Give me a Vereinderschnitzel, and I’ll run rings around that pronunciation. 🙂 But he is from Colombia, so perhaps the JAY syllable really is pronounced that way.

  8. Karen Says:

    Yay, a Sharkey post. With cute photos!

  9. Ortizzle Says:

    Anybody who has even studied 4 DAYS, much less 4 YEARS of German has my highest admiration. I have never attempted it because I know I could never master the pronunciation, to say nothing of the complexities of German grammar. German is for the SMART people! (with patience, and persistence, and a fondess for Vereinderschnitzel).

    P.S. What the hell IS a Vereinderschnitzel? I googled it and came up with nothing. Then I went to and came up with nothing, except this message:

    Es wurden keine mit Ihrer Suchanfrage – Vereinderschnitzel -übereinstimmenden Dokumente gefunden.

    which I assume means “Your search for x did not turn up any results.” Dude. That’s entirely too much schnitzel to deal with, LOL.

  10. Sharkey Says:

    Ha! I totally made up the word Vereinderschnitzel! I just wanted something that started with a V and sounded German.

    And I do think the literal translation of “Es wurden keine mit Ihrer Suchanfrage – Vereinderschnitzel -übereinstimmenden Dokumente gefunden,” is “Dude. That’s entirely too much schnitzel to deal with.” Very good! 😉

  11. tysgirl Says:

    I have nothing to add to the golf conversation- personally can’t stand it. But the pictures sure are cute! Nice to have a post from you- you should do it more often 😉

  12. mainlinemom Says:

    Wow you went to the open 🙂 Cool. Count me in with the people who say “wuder”, but I never heard the donntonn thing. I took four years of German too…Verienderschnitzel…hehe.

  13. kalki Says:

    Fantastic photos!

  14. UCM Says:

    Yes, very cute photos. I caught the JAY vs. YAY, too, but I still love you. I wish I had taken German in high school.

    I would have gotten a little miffed with the donntonn lady. It’s like you live in a whole other country.

  15. Von Krankipantzen Says:

    Who needs to go to some far away foreign country when you have a language barrier in your own back yard.


  16. shari Says:

    You guys are cute twins!!

  17. Ortizzle Says:

    You have a question awaiting you over at my place. When you get time from all these roadies! :-))

  18. William Says:

    Hi Sharkey. Just checking in.

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