Busy weekend

No, the image above isn’t me! She’s the subject from my first-ever maternity photo session on Saturday. I didn’t go to bed until about 3:00 on Saturday morning, and I was awake at 6:30, an hour before my alarm went off. Do you think maybe I was a little nervous about this? I bet I hadn’t taken 50 photos since the newborn session I did on December 15, and I was feeling a little out of practice. And then there’s the fact that I was tearing the house apart in search of my battery chargers at 11:30 the night before. Yep, prepared and organized—that’s me.

But it turns out my worries were for nothing. Mom-to-be was gorgeous, and she and Dad were up for anything. We did some natural light shots, and then brought out the studio lights and props—the parasol you see above, booties, blocks, and some little beaded heart coasters I got at Target (you’ll see those at the end of the post). It’s really different to work with subjects who do what you ask instead of running the other direction! I really had a blast with them!

Saturday afternoon brought another session, with this handsome boy:


The rescue called us a week ago, asking if Maggie might like a little brother. I couldn’t believe it, but J.P. actually considered it! But we talked it over and decided we should remain a one-dog household. So Buddy needed some photos for Petfinder. It was definitely easier working with the mom-to-be! I only got two good shots of him, but I suspect that’s all it will take for someone to snatch him up.

Then I had a rehearsal with my trio from church, and we went out to dinner with the neighbors on Saturday night. Seriously, Saturday involved more activities in a single day that I’ve probably had in the entire last month! And now you know why I never update here—I have nothing to talk about!

I can’t leave you without sharing my favorite image from Saturday. After I spent so much time focusing on Mom-to-be, Dad was feeling a little left out. So we did a shot that included him too . . . .
True Love


17 Responses to “Busy weekend”

  1. William Says:

    Your pics are awesome. And Yay you updated.

  2. Susie Says:

    Since when has having nothing to talk about stopped anyone from blogging? 😉

    These photos are wonderful. The “instead of running in the other direction” tickled me. I’m picturing your human subjects running away, getting excited and weeing on the floor, chewing on your props . . . yea, that’s how my mind works. I hope your subjects love the pix.

    All the best to Buddy.

  3. tysgirl Says:

    I have even less to talk about than you and I update almost daily.

    You did beautifully on this shoot, Sharkey. I’m in awe of your portrait talent. Did you watch the Eta James video on my blog the other day? There some really creative couples shots on that video that made me think of you. You might want to check it out and get some posing ideas for your next grown up shoot. I wish you lived closer so I could hire you. We’ve not had professional shots since we got married 8 years ago.

  4. CircusKelli Says:

    I love the pictures!

    I’m so glad everything worked out well for you… and your subjects. 🙂

  5. Philosophical Karen Says:

    I love these photos, Sharkey. You really got a great shot of Buddy there. He absolutely will be snapped up in a second, thanks to you!

  6. Character Builder Says:

    I love the last picture with the dad. That’s something I can totally see Jason doing, hairy belly and all!

    I love Buddy. Maybe Zelda needs a brother?

  7. Undercovermutha Says:

    Girl, those are some killer shots. Can I be like you, please? I was wondering if you would shoot me an email of your rescue’s petfinder site. I suppose that most of them are on your website, too. I’m not sure where you have the bulk of your work. Oh, and the blog, I forgot about the blog!

  8. certainabsurdity Says:

    You know I’m not much of a dog person. But Buddy is SO CUTE!!!!

  9. Ern Says:

    Oh, all those pictures came out great! I’m sure someone will whisk Buddy right to their home.

  10. von Krankipantzen Says:

    Once again you amaze me with your mad photography skillz. Your lighting amazes me.

    And Buddy looks so much like Maggie! So fluffy. Are you sure you won’t reconsider?

  11. shari Says:

    All this talk about your loyal subjects…. Hee! Now I think I’ll call you, “Your Shawkey-ness”.

    G R E A T photos — Buddy is darling!

  12. Ortizzle Says:

    The final photo takes the prize for originality, but OMG… the top one with the parasol…. that one is ABB: Awesome Beyond Belief. I hope you save that one for your gallery show.

  13. kalki Says:

    It’s rare for a photo to make me laugh out loud, but that last one did. Love it! You do great work all around.

  14. Maddy Says:

    Newbie vising from Circus Kelli – that is some talent you have there – perfect for Valentines Day indeed.
    Best wishes

  15. kcinnova Says:

    I also got here today from Circus Kelli (I’ve seen you at Susie’s place, too). LOVE the parasol photo! And I wish Buddy could come to my house. He looks like a lover of a dog. (This from a cat owner!)

  16. ieatsnowmanpoop Says:

    How come my preggo belly doesn’t look like that? It’s big but it’s got stretch marks and a half way poked out belly button. I’m jealous.

    But it’s a good picture though.

  17. Claudia Says:

    I’m madly in love with the puppy dog. Want. Want. Want. But I’m laughing hysterically over the mom and dad to be shot. Gotta love a man with a sense of humor. It’s wonderful!!!

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