Wishful thinking?

Harbinger of spring . . . I hope!

This was the scene at our house today. This guy was one of about 30-40 robins who was* feasting on the fruit/berries on the trees in the backyard. Come on spring!

*Did you know that “was” is correct here? Since the subject of the sentence is singular, the verb needs to be singular too.


15 Responses to “Wishful thinking?”

  1. blurry eyed Says:

    That is a beautiful picture, Sharkey!

  2. tysgirl Says:

    Robins and grammar, all in one post. You truly are the hostess with the mostess.

  3. CircusKelli Says:

    Wonderful! Can you send a little Spring this way, please? It’s snowing again here, and I’m feeling a bit discouraged by that.

  4. Character Builder Says:

    Wow, he’s really orange! Cool.

    You’re a dork.

  5. Susie Says:

    Yes, one who was. As you may have noticed, I regularly abandon rules of proper grammar in favor of what feels more comfy — on the blog, that is, not in my work life. “Robins who were” sounds more comfy, even though it’s wrong. Sometimes comfy is wrong. There must be a lesson in there, somewhere.

    But more importantly, this is a lovely photograph.

  6. Undercovermutha Says:

    This picture makes me smile and think happy, happy thoughts. Love it. I bet that was a sight to see.

  7. Karen Says:

    Both constructions are correct. The subject of the sentence is “one” but the “who [verb] feasting” part can be taken in its entirety as a modifier of the plural noun “robins”.

    We grammar sticklers love to dabble with the former construction, but if I were writing the sentence I would probably use the latter construction because (as Susie says) it’s more “comfy”.

    [Um, I just erased an entire paragraph in which I went on to analyze several grammatical constructions just for the fun of it. I may need therapy. Susie…?]

  8. The Q Says:

    So awhile back Tysgirl became a member of the Spelling Police and I guess you were a cadet in the Grammar Police at the time? I’m glad to hear you graduated and received your badge and red pen (heh….you know, instead of your gun?). Okaaaaaay. That right there is going to get me a “dork” label.

    That is a really cool shot!

  9. Ern Says:

    Gorgeous picture, it looks like a postcard!

  10. William Says:

    Awesome pic. My wife mentioned that we had about a dozen Robins on our yard yesterday.

  11. von Krankipantzen Says:

    Just gorgeous. The reds pop so nicely.

    As for the grammar-don’t ask me! No clue here.

  12. amanda sue Says:

    i love how you clarified the grammar. i sometimes want to do that because a sentence sounds wrong, but is right.

    like when someone asks how i am doing, and i say “well” instead of the more comfortable “good.” so then i turn red and fumbly cause now i look like a grammatical nerd.

    sheesh. sometimes, you just can’t win.

  13. debutaunt Says:

    I suck at grammar and I used to be an editor. I’m also a terrible speller so I like to just make words up.

    Your photos are so amazing. I love Robins and pregnant bellies! We have bay windows in our living room and I love the morning when all the birds come out to play. Squirrels too. Zoe likes to feed them all with her leftover popcorn and bread crusts. Apparently they like scrambled eggs too.

    Much love to you!

  14. shari Says:

    The robin is so pretty! You have such a wonderful talent, Shawkey!

  15. shari Says:


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