Everybody’s doin’ it


Well, not everybody’s doing it, but if you clicked around the blogosphere today you may have seen a few copies of the photo above. On Friday night, J.P. and I met Mainline Mom and her husband for dinner. Then we all went to William’s play, where we met up with Sue and Charlotte (whose blog I can’t access) and Teri.

Dinner was kind of like a blind double-date. A date that we were late for (and I can’t even blame JP–it was my fault). But Sarah and Mike were very forgiving and pretended that they hadn’t been sitting there twiddling their thumbs for 15 minutes. I’m hoping that they were just basking in their temporary child-free status. The food was excellent, and the company was better. It’s too bad we’re just getting to know each other now that they’re going to move away!

After dinner it was on to the play, The Philadelphia Story. I had never seen it before, but I really enjoyed it. Bill’s character, Dexter, came on at the end of Act I, and he was a funny guy who had a great sense of timing with the one-liners. But he was also insightful and caring, and he truly understood people. Sound like anyone you know? Yep—the character reminded me of Bill himself.

The theater group was cool too. Some (if not all) of the proceeds from ticket sales were donated to the American Cancer Society, and the concession stand benefited Alex’s Lemonade Stand. After the show, there was a reception with food and wine. The actors and crew made and brought the food themselves! Somehow, that just gave it a special touch. After our big dinner I wasn’t hungry, but I heard that the pepperoni dip was out of this world.

The eight of us stood around and talked for a while, and it was really fun. I wish we’d had more time. And maybe some drinks. Yep, it definitely would’ve been even better with drinks.

Thanks for inviting us, Bill! It provided an excuse for Mainline Mom and me to finally get together, and then bonus—we got to meet you and the other bloggers too! Let’s get together again soon.


12 Responses to “Everybody’s doin’ it”

  1. William Says:

    It was really fun and I agree it would have been better with drinks.

  2. Mainline Mom Says:

    You are TOO kind. Yes, we were relishing our kid-free status, and I was kicking myself for not bringing your phone number with me. I was not worried! I had that delicious wine, and after my second glass I had a little buzz which I’m sure made me talk WAY too much. I was thinking the same thing though about what a shame it is we are moving so soon after having just met you! We would all get along so well, I can tell.

    So how long did you guys hang out after we bolted? We are definitely up for bowling or hosting a BBQ or something soon.

  3. CircusKelli Says:

    I’m so envious over here! It sounds like you had a great time meeting all those great bloggers!

  4. Character Builder Says:

    What’s with everyone talking about how tall you are? Are William and Mainline Mom munchkins? 🙂 Actually, just yesterday, Grandma asked me if I’m taller than you. I said I think I am by just the slightest bit, but not much.

    Glad you guys had such a good time!

  5. shari Says:

    Not fair. I wanna go to William’s play too! I hope you took a video of it so you can post it on YouTube for all of us!!!

  6. Mainline Mom Says:

    Nope, no video. I can’t believe I didn’t even bring my camera, but I figured a community theatre would not appreciate photos or video reproductions.

    And no, CB, I am NOT a munchkin, which is why I was surprised Sharkey was taller than I, even with heels on. William’s not a munchkin either.

  7. teri Says:

    I really enjoyed meeting you and the hubs, Sharkey. I can’t wait for the next get together.

  8. Undercovermutha Says:

    I’m not talking to either you again for not slapping William on the ass for me. Hurumph.

  9. oddmix Says:

    Sounds like fun! Wish I could have seen the play, too.

  10. tysgirl Says:

    Well I’m officially jealous!

  11. limpy99 Says:

    Off topic, but hope your Mom does well.

  12. minnesotamom Says:

    Hola, Sharkey. I tagged you for a meme today if you’re interested. Have a super-duper Memorial Day weekend!

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