The day

In Catherine's room

You may remember a few months ago when I mentioned my niece’s surgery. As you can tell from the photo, it was today. (If you missed it, details are here and here.)

Everything went well. It took less than 90 minutes, and the doctors were pleased. She was pretty loopy when I saw her this afternoon, but when we went back tonight her IV was out and she’d been up walking around. And she ate and ate and ate!

There’s talk of letting her come home tomorrow. Character Builder‘s staying the night with her, and CB’s husband and I will probably head back to the hospital in the morning after we drop the chatterbox off at daycare.

Thanks, everyone, for your good thoughts and prayers today—we really appreciate them. If you have any left, send them up for the one-month-old with two bad kidneys who shared Catherine’s room in the PICU. One thing you learn from an experience like this . . . no matter how bad things seem, there’s always someone who’s going through something worse.

UPDATE: She’s home! Currently lying on the couch with a big blue Icee and some saltines.