Excuses, excuses


So this is pretty much how I’ve felt the last several months—chasing around, with everything out of focus. This little photography gig I’ve got going? It’s kinda caught on! Since returning from Minnesota at the end of June, I’ve done nearly 25 photo sessions. (Thankfully, the photos I show clients are technically much better than the one you see above. Some are in focus even!) With my regular job I can really only handle about a session a week, so it’s really been keeping me busy.

Let’s see . . . what other excuses can I come up with for not posting? Well, there’s Twitter. I’ve made 600 posts/updates there since April 24—does that count? How about Facebook? Any points for that? Nah—I didn’t think so.

Oh! I know! I have things going on three nights a week—Tuesdays are camera club, Wednesdays are band, and Thursdays are church choir (exciting, no?). That must be the reason why I haven’t posted.

::Mrtl-style tangent (with photo!)::
Incidentally, I took first place and second place in the camera club’s November competition. The theme was Children. Hey—I photograph kids all the time! Here’s my second-place entry (note the ever-present drool hanging from his chin):


I wish I could show you the first place winner, but for privacy reasons I can’t.
::End Mrtl-style tangent (with photo!)::

Then there’s Guitar Hero. We got GH3 this summer, and recently got the new World Tour version. J.P. plays guitar, and I play drums (badly). I even tried my hand at singing the other night. Um, yeah . . . it wasn’t pretty.

Regardless of all the excuses, you may be asking yourself why I’m posting now. After all this time. See, on Wednesday, Susie‘s sponsoring the Fourth Annual Blog Cookie Exchange party. I’d hate to miss out on the tradition (I can’t believe this is the fourth year already!), so decided to come out of “retirement.”

::Mrtl-style tangent::
Didja know that I actually met Ms. Fairchild this summer? I did! I was traveling for business, and we managed to get together for lunch. I got crabs. She did too. Oh, get your mind out of the gutter—it was a seafood restaurant!
::End Mrtl-style tangent::

Now get moving! Head over to Susie’s to learn more about the party. Put up a post of your own (or don’t), and then visit all the other guests’ sites to have a good time! I’ll be serving hot buttered rum—DEEEEEE-lish!


8 Responses to “Excuses, excuses”

  1. tysgirl Says:

    Luckily for you, you’re just so awesome that we all adore you even though you never post here.

    That baby picture is adorable, congrats on winning the contest. You have such an amazing eye for people photography, I’d give anything to have you close enough to shoot Sydney when she arrives.

    Happy Holidays to you, JP and Maggie 🙂

  2. mainlinemom Says:

    Twittering is just so much easier, isn’t it? In a way I wish everyone I knew followed my tweets so they would not complain about my not updating the blog, but on the other hand since it’s less “public” I can be a little cruder or share secret stuff I don’t want my family reading…

  3. mainlinemom Says:

    PS I’m SO jealous, I had no idea you met Susie. It was great fun meeting you and JP and I wish I could meet Susie and other bloggers too. I am kinda bummed we moved away from you guys when we did, I think Mike and JP would’ve enjoyed hanging out as much as you and I did. And I wish you could’ve had the chance to photograph my boys…give me a different person’s perspective on them 🙂

  4. William Says:

    Holy Moly…Sharkey posted something on her blog. wow.

    I love the picture of the kid. Awesome.

    You met Susie? Wow.

    and now…how in the heck did you do that picture of the dogs. It is only two dogs, right? Did you use Photoshop?

  5. undercovermutha Says:

    Between twitter and Flickr, I feel like I’m up-to-date! But keeping the Susie meeting from me? Maybe we shouldn’t talk anymore. Oh yeah, I forgot we were going to share a bed in April. Okay, fine, two queens. But I can push them together, right?

  6. certainabsurdity Says:

    I suppose I need to learn what “twitter” is now. Maybe I should just ask my students. I’d probably learn it faster that way…

    Glad to get the update-

  7. kalki Says:

    Awesome photo. And I’m so happy to see a post over here! 🙂

  8. shari Says:

    Wait, I’m 7 months late to this post? What the heck happened to me?!

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