Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

After driving and driving, J.P., Maggie, and I made it to my mom’s house in Minnesota on Sunday night. We were lucky that we didn’t really encounter bad weather. Well, unless you count the -30 degree windchill. Taking Maggie out to do her business every time we stopped wasn’t the most fun thing we’ve ever done.

You may notice that Maggie is missing her traditional red nose this year. After putting her through the trauma of the lights*, it just wasn’t fair to also make her bear the indignity of the red nose.

We hope you have the happiest of holidays, and that you’re able to spend some time relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family. Merry Christmas!

*No dogs were harmed in the making of this photograph. However, several pieces of Pupperoni did meet an untimely end.


16 Responses to “Merry Christmas!”

  1. tysgirl Says:

    I’m glad you guys are safe and I hope Maggie’s tummy is feeling better. Have a great time and a very Merry Christmas. Bring back lots of pictures of the kid for us!

  2. von Krankipantzen Says:

    Merry Christmas Sharkey, JP and Maggie! Have a wonderful visit with your family!

  3. The Q Says:

    Glad you made it! Sweet, sweet Maggie.

    Merry Christmas to you and your entire family!

  4. certainabsurdity Says:

    You make photographing animals look so easy. I know it’s not. But yours are great shots. Glad you made it safely. The good news is that it’s supposed to “warm” up now. 😉

  5. mrtl Says:

    Merry Christmas! That picture is really awesome!

  6. bente Says:

    Merry Christmas, Sharkey! The picture is fantastic!

  7. Ern Says:

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Susie Says:

    Merry Christmas! Hope you have a lovely visit. The lit Maggie is spectacular. It’s been a few years now since we lit Biscuit, but it was one of my favorite photos of him. I’m inspired to try again! 🙂

  9. kalki Says:

    Aw, she’s spectacular. Merry Christmas!

  10. Karen Says:

    Great photo! I’m a bit late for Merry Christmas, but Happy New Year!

  11. Ortizzle Says:

    All lit up for the holidays? Superb photo.

    Since I am late for Christmas, let me just wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  12. Bogart Says:

    That is the saddest and greatest picture all at the same time!

  13. shari Says:

    Awesome photograph!! You’re really talented, you know that? And I’m really embarrassed to be just now reading these holiday posts of yours. On the other hand, it was great being pleasantly surprised to find these treasures now.

  14. MaryP Says:

    Nothing looks as sweetly miserable as a cocker spaniel. Love the picture. (You KNOW she’s just doing that to get another piece of pupperoni.)

    Merry Christmas!

  15. simonebailey13102 Says:

    Con gli anni siamo diventati tutti piu00f9 belli, specie noi che abbiamo vissuto gli 80’s nell’adolescenza!ud83dude00 Click

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