An Early Christmas Present?

So you may have been a little surprised when you saw my page load today. This is quite the switch from the dark brown template, wouldn’t you say? For the moment I’m liking this one better. The only thing it doesn’t have is a customizable header. BUT! It’s bright enough and wide enough, and gosh darn it, people like it! (You do like it, right?) And also, the comments link is at the bottom of the post. Hooray!

That’s it. My early Christmas present. From WordPress to me, and from me to you. Hope you’re not disappointed. I know some people had trouble reading against the dark background, me included. So let’s see where this takes us, shall we? Same old drivel, now with a bright new look!

I’m going to be fashionably late to Susie‘s cookie exchange party. I really want to join the fun, but just ran out of time tonight. There’s a recipe for Sea-Salted Smoky Almond Chocolate Bark that I’ve been wanting to try. It sounds kind of weird, I know. The site says it’s a “treat for the more sophisticated palate.” Um . . . yeah, that’s me. And if it’s really disgusting? I also bought some butterscotch chips so I can make oatmeal scotchies. Not exactly Christmasy, but mmmmmm . . . don’t they sound good?

Perhaps I could’ve made the almond bark—and probably the cookies too—in the time it took me to update my site and write this post.


Picky, picky

Ever have a day like this?

In my last post, I mentioned the WordPress template that I was using, and how I hated the way it cropped my photos. Basically, the main column wasn’t wide enough to accommodate the standard medium-size photo from Flickr (500 pixels wide). So I selected various other templates to see if any of them would give me a little more room.

Girl in Green is INCREDIBLY wide. But it has a couple of drawbacks. First of all, it has a girl in the upper right corner. And while I do have dark hair, I’m thinking that’s where the similarities end. And secondly, the grey content area has flowers that remind me of the adhesive no-slip thingies that were attached to our bathtub in the 70s. I could live with the flowers, but it must be a semi-transparent layer or something because they also appear on my images and make them look washed out.


So let’s see what else we’ve got. Hmmmm . . . Connections isn’t bad. I can’t change the header, but it’s wide enough and I like the green all right. Oh, but wait. Do you see that?


The comments link is at the top of each post. I hate that. Why would you put it there? You read, read, read, scroll, read, scroll, read. Then you have to scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll back up to leave a comment. Since I don’t often read a post from beginning to end and then comment on my own site, it’s not that big a deal to me. But I hate it when other people’s templates are like that, so I won’t do that to you. Plus, I like it when you leave comments, and don’t want to do anything to discourage them. Next!

Here’s Jentri. The description says “smart and sophisticated.” I like that. The burgundy’s nice. And it uses a Squidfingers background. I like that too. Plus, the comment link is at the bottom.


Do we have a winner? Nope. Again with the cropping (which isnt really noticable here because the Lauren photo has a portrait orientation). Sigh . . . .

I think it may be time to go with the political template. Don’t expect to see donkeys or elephants, or red and blue around here anytime soon. Nope, the political template is like the political candidate you may be voting for in a few weeks. You don’t really like him, but he meets some of your criteria. Basically, he’s marginally better than the other guy and you think you might be able to live with him until something better comes along.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present Fleur de Lys. Notice that the comment link is right down there in the lower right corner. See it? Now go ahead . . . click it! And let me know what you think.

Now I get it

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a little slow sometimes. No matter where I turn, someone’s bashing Internet Explorer in favor of Firefox, Safari, or one of the other browsers that’s out there. Several months ago, I downloaded Firefox onto our desktop PC. I played around with it a bit, but didn’t understand what was so great about it.

I shrugged my shoulders and went back to using IE since that’s what I have to use at work, and didn’t think much more about it. But now that I’ve been using the MacBook for a month? Oh my gosh! After my big move over the weekend, I knew I still had some work to do. But I didn’t realize how much until I hit my site from the office today. It looks horrible in IE! (And also, I’m now just a little bit addicted to tabs.)

At some point, I’ll have to see what I can do about that. I’m afraid it might involve spending the $15 to upgrade WordPress so I can access and modify the CSS. Or you know, you could switch to one of the other browsers, I’d save the 15 bucks, and all would be well with the world. Whaddya think?

Mom always said it

“If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?”

Apparently the answer is yes, because here I am at WordPress. I gave Blogger the old It’s Not You, It’s Me speech this afternoon, took all my posts, and moved out.

Honestly? I didn’t mean to do it! I set up my account a few weeks ago, but then didn’t do anything else with it and kind of forgot about it. But today I was playing around—hmm . . . I wonder if I can customize my site? Do you suppose I can bring over my old Blogger posts? If I really did this, how many categories would I need? I wonder if it’s difficult to set up a blogroll?

I set out to answer those questions, and before I knew it here I was! I still need to do a little tidying up around here, but hey—that’s true of my real house too.

If you’re considering WordPress—come on in, the water’s warm!

Over & Out

Well, my last post has moved from “withering” on the vine to outright dead. I’ve been busy trying to wrap things up before we leave on vacation tomorrow, and consequently the blog has been neglected.

I’m still getting used to the MacBook. Mostly it’s good, but I seem to have trouble with some of the keys. Especially the G, and sometimes the T—they just aren’t quite responsive enough, and soon I’ll be writing like Ricky Ricardo: “I’ve been busy tryin to wrap thins up.” (My proofreading skills have a tendency to decline after 1:00 AM.)

Hey, speaking of the Mac and 1:00 AM . . . does anyone know how to adjust Blogger’s timestamp on a Mac? On this computer, I don’t have the Compose tab and the HTML tab—everything’s HTML. I can deal with that, but I also don’t have the date/timestamp info at the bottom of the page.

J.P., Maggie, and I are taking a road trip to MN. We had great intentions of getting the car all packed tonight, but I haven’t even started packing my suitcase yet. And I think we’ll have more electronics than clothes. Between the camera, two or three laptops, the GPS, iPod, and cell phones, the cigarette lighter power plugs will be at a premium. We even bought an adapter so we can plug in the laptop during the trip. Now if only we could get satellite internet, I’d be all set (J.P. will likely do most of the driving).

We don’t have any big plans for our time in Minnesota. We’ll go to the state fair, of course. If you don’t know much about it, you really should go and read J.P.‘s recent post. Besides all the food, walking around with 100,000 other Minnesotans makes for some interesting people watching.

But at 1:40 AM, about the only thing I’m interested in watching is the back of my eyelids. I’m sure I’ll be posting at least a few times from the road (I know, I know . . . you can hardly wait). Until then, Sharkey out!

Almost famous

So yes, I’ve had the blogging blahs lately. Truthfully, I’ve kind of had the blahs in general. I’m not sure why—still trying to figure out that part. (Note if you know me in real life: Everything’s fine! Really! No need to worry.)

I was excited to find this email this morning when I logged into my Flickr account:

I guess since I’m only on the “short list” they haven’t actually selected my photo yet. But still! It’s an honor just to be nominated. Honestly, I don’t know anything about this outfit, but I clicked the link and it didn’t appear to be a porn site or anything, so I agreed to their terms.

They’re supposed to email me when they publish their guide at the end of the month, so we’ll see. I only wish I could take some credit for the photo they picked. I mean, I clicked the shutter and everything, but it’s not like I did anything special to create the shot. The real credit goes to Mother Nature.

Myrtle Beach Sunset



J.P. was giving me a hard time yesterday about how long it’s been since I updated. He’s right. Trouble is, I don’t even really care at the moment. Not sure why.

So here’s a shot I took in Florida. Vanity plate? Or unfortunate luck of the draw? Talk amongst yourselves . . . .