Busy weekend

No, the image above isn’t me! She’s the subject from my first-ever maternity photo session on Saturday. I didn’t go to bed until about 3:00 on Saturday morning, and I was awake at 6:30, an hour before my alarm went off. Do you think maybe I was a little nervous about this? I bet I hadn’t taken 50 photos since the newborn session I did on December 15, and I was feeling a little out of practice. And then there’s the fact that I was tearing the house apart in search of my battery chargers at 11:30 the night before. Yep, prepared and organized—that’s me.

But it turns out my worries were for nothing. Mom-to-be was gorgeous, and she and Dad were up for anything. We did some natural light shots, and then brought out the studio lights and props—the parasol you see above, booties, blocks, and some little beaded heart coasters I got at Target (you’ll see those at the end of the post). It’s really different to work with subjects who do what you ask instead of running the other direction! I really had a blast with them!

Saturday afternoon brought another session, with this handsome boy:


The rescue called us a week ago, asking if Maggie might like a little brother. I couldn’t believe it, but J.P. actually considered it! But we talked it over and decided we should remain a one-dog household. So Buddy needed some photos for Petfinder. It was definitely easier working with the mom-to-be! I only got two good shots of him, but I suspect that’s all it will take for someone to snatch him up.

Then I had a rehearsal with my trio from church, and we went out to dinner with the neighbors on Saturday night. Seriously, Saturday involved more activities in a single day that I’ve probably had in the entire last month! And now you know why I never update here—I have nothing to talk about!

I can’t leave you without sharing my favorite image from Saturday. After I spent so much time focusing on Mom-to-be, Dad was feeling a little left out. So we did a shot that included him too . . . .
True Love

Rescue Me

Rescue Pets

I’ve had lots of opportunity to practice my photography skills lately. The rescue that we work with has asked me to take photos of the animals that are up for adoption.

Know what? Kittens move really fast! It’s tough to get them in focus. But man, are they cute! It’s a good thing J.P. is allergic, or we might have a house full.

There are several more photos in my Flickr stream. Click the link to view the pets in a slideshow. Then let me know which one you want to adopt. 🙂



Well, today was the big day. It was the Blessing of the Animals to benefit the rescue we work with, and we took family/pet portraits. As you can see, we went with the simple, no-frills background. Toward the end of the day, we had everyone sit on the floor (amidst the dog hair) and I think it worked out well.

I also bought some fabric that’s similar to the backdrop and made a sort of tablecloth for our coffee table. We hauled the table down to church, where the event was held, and threw the tablecloth over it for people to sit on. That worked pretty well for small pets, but was somewhat problematic with the bigger ones because the humans’ faces were so far away (vertically) from the dogs’ faces.

Rather than set up in the fellowship hall where all the commotion (and fluorescent light) was, we chose the narthex. It was good from a lighting standpoint, and I think the photos turned out better because of it. But we were also away from the traffic, so I think we probably ended up with fewer shots overall. But we still did pretty well—I think we raised around $200 with the portraits, and the other events (raffle, silent auction) raised $500-600. So it was a good event.

After everything was over, we had to rush home so I could turn around and head out the door to meet a friend at the mall. T and I have known each other since we were five. She left Minnesota for college in Washington (state), finished her Ph.D. there, then went to San Diego for her post-doctoral work. Then about three years ago she took a job in Pennsylvania, and now lives about 40 minutes away.

We did a little shopping and then took a break for a long dinner and a couple drinks. Shopping after that was pretty entertaining. Even the sales people at Eddie Bauer thought so. Or maybe they were just pretending to laugh along with us. Not sure, but who cares? We had a good time.

And now? It’s finally time to turn off this computer and rest my weary eyes.

Need your help!

Blessing of the Animals - 2004

I know that, as a whole, bloggers are pretty shy about stating their opinions online. So I’m going to ask you to take a step outside your comfort zone for a few minutes and let me know what you think. Uh, yeah. Shy. That’s it. Right.

But seriously, I do need your help. In a month or so, J.P. and I will be the official photographers at “our” rescue’s Blessing of the Animals. We’ve done it before. The picture you see above is from 2004, when we still had our old camera. My question is:

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