Pup & Stuff Portrait Friday #16

Stuff Portrait Friday, sponsored by Kristine

It’s J.P.’s golf night, so I’m taking the opportunity to get an early start on my SPF post. SPF is run by Kristine, and the rules are different each week. This week’s photos include:

  • A body of water
  • Something with flavor
  • Plant your ass (where you park it)

And of course, I always add a fourth picture of the pup. Because I’ve taken about seven billion pictures of her—I might as well use them for something!

First up, a body of water:

Body of water

Yep, this one’s all about the dog too, but it wasn’t my first idea. You know how when you’re lying down in the bathtub, and the divot that is your belly button collects a pool of water? Yeah, that’s what I thought of shooting initially, but I decided not to subject the internet to pictures of my naked belly.

Next, something with flavor:

Something with flavor

My employer sells these Click Clack mints in our employee convenience store. In Minneapolis. A thousand miles away. I’m addicted to them. They’re tiny, but they’re stronger than Altoids, and not as sweet. When one of my co-workers went to HQ a few months ago, I asked her to pick some up for me. She came back with five tins. Score!

And now, where I plant my ass:

Notice the pillow to support my back, the tablet PC, and my TiVo remote. These three things are critical components of comfort on the couch. And speaking of the couch . . . yes, I know that’s a lot of flowers. The pattern looked so much different on that 3-inch swatch of fabric at the store. But I don’t hate it—the cotton fabric is really soft and comfortable, and it does a great job of hiding stains. Like the spill that occurred when Maggie leapt onto the lap of a guest when she was holding a full cup of hot coffee.

And finally, the pup:


The photo session with J. last weekend included some indoor shots too. Mags played the stand-in role while I set up my makeshift studio. As you can see, it was exhausting work.


Pup & Stuff Portrait Friday #15

Can it really be that I haven’t played along with SPF since before Thanksgiving?!? Yikes! Talk about lazy!

In case you’re not familiar with SPF, it works like this:

  1. Visit Kristine at Random and Odd to learn about each week’s topics.
  2. Take the pictures.
  3. Post them Thursday night or Friday morning.
  4. Leave a comment at R&O so everyone can go check out your stuff.
  5. Go check out the people who comment on your blog and leave them a comment!That’s it! Simple huh? DID YOU PLAY???

All right, now that the rules are out of the way, let’s get down to SPF business. This week, Kristine wants to see:

  • The inside of your nightstand drawer.
  • A good book you’ve read.
  • Your favorite lamp.

My nightstand drawer is a little messy and a little full:

Inside my nightstand

I open this drawer about three times a year. It’s where I keep the cards that J.P. has given me, because I hate to throw them away, but don’t have any other good place to keep them. You’ll also notice some jewelry boxes toward the back. The roll things on the left are my lymphedema bandages that (thankfully!) I haven’t had to use in years.

Next, a good book that I’ve read. Notice that the rules don’t say I had to have read it recently!

Good books I've read

J.P. knew that I loved Trixie when I was a kid, and he gave me these for Christmas last year. I have to admit that I enjoyed them, even as an adult.

Last up, my favorite lamp:

My favorite lamp

This is probably the second “grown-up” thing I bought for my house in Minneapolis. I loved its lines and stained glass. It sits on the first grown-up thing that I bought back then, this little table:

My favorite lamp (and table!)

I got the table at the Uptown Art Fair one year, and a few years later I went back and bought the mirror from the same couple who’d made the table. They were both custom-made for me (and surprisingly affordable)!

Finally, a shot of Mags that I took this morning.

Snoozing in the Sun

As you can see, it’s quite sunny here today. And it’s even reasonably warm. But the wind is HOWLING! I think we’ll stay close to home. Have a great weekend!

Pup & Stuff(ed) Portrait Friday #15

Stuff Portrait Friday, sponsored by Kristine

Rub-a-dub dub, thanks for the grub is the theme for this week’s post, and it’s definitely a STUFFED Portrait Friday. I don’t think I’ll need to eat again until next Thanksgiving.

First up, Something/someone that makes Thanksgiving. It’s tough to take a picture of gratitude, and I don’t post photos of family and friends, so this pic will have to do:

Something/someone that makes Thanksgiving

Second, our dinner:

The honored guest

This definitely wasn’t our entire dinner, but he was the guest of honor. He spent about 24 hours swimming in a brine of brown sugar, cayenne, dijon mustard, and garlic, and then we deep fried him. While the turkey was good and juicy, I was expecting more flavor with all of those ingredients. We’d definitely do the deep frying again, but I’m not sure the brining was worth it.

Next, the aftermath:

The Aftermath

See all the buns in that Rubbermaid container? I baked them this morning, and they’re going to be great with the leftover turkey. Thankfully, our guests helped with some of the cleanup, because just before dinner I think I broke my roast beef toe and my no roast beef toe when I stubbed them on a chair leg. After I limped to the door to say goodbye to everyone, I headed for the couch with an ice pack. And J.P. totally handled the rest of the cleanup. A wonderful husband . . . definitely something to be thankful for.

::Post-posting edit::
Crap! I can’t believe I forgot to include my tacky centerpiece photo! You’ll be really glad I remembered after you see this:

Tacky centerpiece

What’s that? You’re not glad? Yeah, I know—it’s not that great. But it was free! And that has to count for something, right?
::end edit::

All of the activity today wore out our pooch. This photo of Maggie was taken a few days ago, but if my camera battery hadn’t pooped out on me (it was just dead—thankfully, it wasn’t the problem that caused the recall) we could’ve easily gotten a shot like this tonight.

So tired

Pup & Stuff Portrait Friday #14

Stuff Portrait Friday, sponsored by Kristine

I had to look back through my archives to determine what number to put in my title today. Would you believe I haven’t played SPF since September? I didn’t realize it’d been that long.

Our assignment for today: pictures of things that represent your past, present, and future. No pets or kids allowed! First up, my past:

My Past

My Past

Do you know how difficult it is to take good pictures of wigs? Probably not, but take my word for it—it’s kinda tough. They represent my life four years ago, when I was going through chemo. Before it fell out, my real hair was about the length of the wig in the second photo. I’d never really had long hair, and I thought it might be fun to try it out. I went from my short real hair to the long wig, overnight—without the pain and frustration of growing it out (by the way, I don’t recommend the chemo method of growing out your hair).

In the spring, I switched to the short wig and got lots of compliments on it. One morning a woman at church said, “Oh, you got your hair cut!” I acknowledged that my hair was, in fact, shorter. Then she said, “I really like it—you must’ve decided to go shorter for spring.” I thanked her for the compliment and agreed that the length would be better for warm weather. I was trying not to reveal that it was a wig, but she wouldn’t let me off the hook: “Was it hard to sit there in the chair and watch them chop it off?” Okay lady, you asked for it: “It’s a wig!” I didn’t mind talking about it at all; I just didn’t want to embarrass her. Oh well . . . .

And now, my present:

My Present

J.P. and I are hosting Thanksgiving dinner for our friends. Neither of us has ever done it before. We’ve never even made a turkey! So we’ve been scoping out the recipes this week in preparation for the big shopping trip today. Misfit, I think we might have to try your brine recipe. Do you think it would work okay if we deep-fried it instead of roasting? That’d allow us to leave the oven free for side dishes.

And now, a photo that represents my future:

My Future

I’m going to be driving this puppy for probably the next 8-10 years. We just got it on November 1, and it’s a 2006 Subaru Legacy. We’re going to test its all-wheel drive with a trip to Minnesota at Christmas.

And finally, Maggie’s Pup & SPF debut. She’s modeling her new military haircut and stylish Thanksgiving bandana. Have a great weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving!



Okay, so I never got around to posting my SPF pics on Friday. I accidentally left the camera’s compact flash card in J.P.’s notebook computer, and he took it to the office. However, I’d already dug out all of my yearbooks by the time I realized that. When J.P. got home, he made fun of them—he said they look like Little Golden Books because they’re so thin. That’s what happens when there are only 75 kids in your class, and there’s a single school building for students in kindergarten through 12th grade!

We started our Christmas shopping on Friday night. You probably don’t realize what an accomplishment this is for me. I’m usually the one running around the mall mid-December, frantically purchasing Ronco rotisserie grills and Chia Pets for my friends and loved ones. I’m hoping to change that trend this year. Come December 24, J.P.’s mom will be traveling in style with this fashionable Vera Bradley duffel bag:

Shhhhhh . . . don’t tell her! We want it to be a surprise. One gift down, 273 to go.